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Welcome to my portfolio website. I'm a Full Stack Web Developer with a background in mechanical engineering. Being a tech enthusiast and a problem-solver, I enjoy bringing ideas to life. As a millennial, I am exposed to technology and it inspires me to solve problems in my everyday life. I strongly believe the tech field is shaping the future and we should all embrace it.

The purpose of this site is to showcase my development as a web developer. Do checkout my projects at the portfolio page, they are all deployed online, have fun with them and I will be looking forward to all your feedbacks.



The road to become a full-fledged web developer

Star Wars - Jedi Training

HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery


NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB


Ruby on Rails, SQLite3

Pentago Game

Ruby on Rails, ActionCable, SQL


Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, SQL


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Canvas